Sunday, November 13, 2011

Day 1: It feels odd

Well it seems as if my first smoke-free day is going as expected. I am obviously wanting a smoke, however I haven't yet felt the need for one. This could however change within the next few hours when I try to fall asleep.

It's been an easy day for me. I'v gotten Labs and Reports done ahead of time for class, so today was just a sit back and play Skyrim day. However, I did notice something that is going to be very, VERY bothersome to me in the next few months.

Normally I take breaks between what I am doing. Whether it be homework, games or even class. And during these breaks I smoke. That smoke has always been an intermediary for me where I can leave what I am doing for ten minutes, have a smoke and when I go back I am 100% focused on what I need or want to be doing.

However, without that smoke, everything seems to be off now. I still need to take the breaks, otherwise I lose concentration and end up doing nothing. But now, the breaks don't feel the same. They don't feel like they are accomplishing what they are supposed to be, and because of that my entire day seems like it hasn't been normal. Everything feels askew and it's a very unsettling feeling.

However i'v been powering through it. I had my last smoke earlier today and made sure I enjoyed it, and since then i'v had no real problems. I still always walk into the living room and look at where the smokes should be, but I just end up grinning from a habit that was a result of a habit. 

Anyways, the real test isn't going to begin until I start getting stressed out, because smokes are EXCELLENT for stress relief, and I always have a smoke or two when I am stressed. So it should be interesting to see what I do instead.

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